“Ryan” The amazing rescue story pup

The picture can tell the whole store…
A mix breed local puppy simply “dumped” on the street. He way basically skin and bone covered in bites when we rescued him… barely alive. But this little man is a fighter… he was ready to get better and become a handsome puppy with just a little love and care.

We named him “Ryan”. He is a brave, friendly loving boy. Gets along with all other dogs big or small. He loves company and will be your loyal protector for life.

Age: 9- weeks old
Sex: male
Breed: Mix local breed
Spayed/Neutered: Not yet (mandatory at 5-6 months)
Dewormed: Yes
Vaccination up-to-date: Yes

Adoption fee: No Adoption fee for adult and special needs dogs.  Normally $80 (only to ensure adopting family is committed   to caring long-term for this dog – we are a nonprofit organization, your Adoption fee will only be used for vaccination, medical care and Adoption kit of rescued animals) Adoption kit included: collar, leash, bowls, starter bag of food & health passport.
  • Home delivery: Available upon request
  • International adoption: Available for US & Canada
  • Contact: 767-245-0001 to schedule a time to meet this dog


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