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About Saint Nicholas Animal Rescue


To provide care, comfort and compassion to animals in need while engaging the hearts, hands and minds of our community to bring about an end to animal cruelty, abandonment and abuse in Dominica.


Saint Nicholas Animal Rescue takes its name from the Patron of sick and injured animals, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino. The Saint’s name also serves as an important reminder that The Lord looks favourably upon those considerate souls that care about unnecessary suffering – not only among us humans, but also other creatures of this world. Capable of compassion, we should extend our helping hand and make a difference. Saint Nicholas Animal Rescue Dominica team is made of dedicated people with different backgrounds and education – from a teacher, to a lawyer, to a medical doctor, and other professions. While being active professionals, we find time for this voluntary work. We are driven together by the commitment to help ending unnecessary suffering of helpless animals. It is our belief that only together we can stop animal cruelty and make Dominica a better place for them.
Those involved in day-to-day operations, and those who support us closely on voluntary basis (to mention just a few) are: Nusica Lawrence, Edward Lawrence, Cara Shillingford, Dr. Reginald Thomas (PS at the Ministry of Agriculture), Ms. Evelina Baptiste (DPP), Dennis Andre “Sakade”, Mersa Andre, Clara Connie Richards, Markell Lugay, Lerique and Ahmed Joseph, Shanna Prevost, Debby Francis, Pierina Astaphan, and others.
We also run a Search & Rescue canine training program. After a rigorous training, selected dogs can join K9 teams and offer invaluable help in case of emergency searches or natural disasters. Interested?  Contact us for details. In just over a year (counted in November 2020) we successfully proceeded with:






Says & Neuters

Our Reputation for rescuing animals

When we get a call about in less than 30 minutes. This can be a life saving difference as we have seen over and over again since we started our rescue mission. We are also the FIRST and only organization to shelter sick, abandoned, abused and disabled animals in Dominica.

It is worth noting, that, while we rescue many starving and sick strays and animals from road accidents, many cases (specially dogs) are man-inflicted injuries, such as cutlass cuts, extreme beatings, dogs injured and left to die after illegal dog fights, poisoning, and so on. These cases point to blatant animal cruelty rampant in our communities, that requires all of us to stand firm against it, without turning our heads away. Education among adults and school children, and zero tolerance for violence are required from all of us. We at the Animal Rescue do our bit, also by educating on all levels, including close collaboration with St Nicholas University School Of Veterinary Medicine in Roseau.
You can support us by We need your help!

If you are ready to make a difference, check information on other pages, or simply contact us. Thank you! God bless!

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