Can you adopt a dog from overseas, internationally?

If you live in America, Canada, or Europe, and you love dogs – quite possibly you saw a nice, very friendly (but starving) stray dog while on vacation in tropics, and you were tempted to adopt. While it is possible, it can be a challenge on holidays, as such a procedure takes time, requires veterinary certificates, and so on. If you decided to go for it – hats off!

But you can also adopt a dog from overseas using one of adoption agencies, which can offer a simplified experience for you. In general, costs of such dog adoption from another country can be anywhere from $200 to $2,000.


However, as we are on Dominica, a small Caribbean island – we need to share with you good news about adopting one of our rescue dogs. We rescue many dogs from extreme hardships, sometimes even hard to imagine for us – and believe it – we’ve seen a lot. Your adoption of a dog from Dominica would not only gain you a loyal and devoted friend for life – it would also make a huge difference in dog’s life – a second, well deserved chance.
And the good news is – Dominica is one of a very few countries totally FREE of rabies!
And, as it is a fact acknowledged internationally, such adoption procedure is simplified and less expensive. Surely, you would have some costs at you end – but it is easier and less expensive procedure. Additionally, we take care of all documents and necessary procedure here, to prepare your dog for the journey. All veterinary tests, certificates, and other arrangements are done by us. Not to mention that of course – before any adoption – all dogs are vaccinate and healthy, checked by a team of vets we work with.

You can consult it with your local veterinarian and check your home country’s regulations. You may also feel more comfortable using an agency to assist you with transportation and logistics. Many animal welfare groups can help you process the adoption and transportation of your new dog. (Best check online reviews before hiring any group or agency, of course).

So, if you are interested in making a difference, and adopting one of wonderful creatures awaiting your kindness – email us for details. We can provide you with short videos showing behaviour of your favourite dogs, and assist in any other way to make you comfortable about your choice.

We look forward to assisting you with your good deed, and are sure you will be delighted with your new, devoted friend.

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A note for overseas donors:

A note for overseas donors:
Please contact us via e-mail or whats-app for details. Bank details may differ depending on your currency and country. Also shipping may differ, depending on the size of your cargo.

Simple goods donations from USA can be shipped to our forwarder:

  • (Important: To make it tax-exempt, please mark package as donation to non-profit organization approved by Ministry of Agriculture. For our customs we also need email from you with shipper info, listed contents of shipment, and it’s value – also marked as a donation.)
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