Stop animal cruelty! Life is tough enough!

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Only together, we can make the future a better place for the animals in Dominica.


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Who We Are

Every dog deserves a chance!

Saint Nicholas Animal Rescue Dominica is the first and only non-profit Animal Rescue organization to provide shelter, and emergency after-hours rescue to animals across the Commonwealth of Dominica.

We also rescue, shelter and rehabilitate sick, injured, abused, handicapped and blind dogs. When rescuing other animals (cats, birds, and others) we provide necessary veterinary assistance, but – due to serious shortage of facilities – we don’t shelter them on premises but rely on foster-homes instead.

We are a recognized and registered official nonprofit organization. All our board members and staff are volunteers dedicated to improving and saving animal lives through quality care and compassionate programs such as the emergency after-hours rescue, rehabilitation and adoption services.

See an injured/sick dog or other animal in need of medical attention and rescue?

CALL US at (767) 245- 0001 ( also WhatsApp)


Dogs make a big part of our rescue program.

Once they are healthy and receive all necessary veterinary treatments, they are ready for adoption. Please see our Adoption Fair page, or visit one of our Adoption Fairs organized in Botanic Gardens. Instead of purchasing puppies, consider giving a second chance to a rescued dog. They make the most loyal and loving friends.

As we are a non-profit, and while we dedicate our time and expertise as volunteers, all expenses – from veterinary treatments and medicine, to sheltering, animal food, bedding, and much more – are mostly covered by DONATIONS that are graciously accepted and acknowledged.

Donations can be so much more than cash. While money are necessary for day-to-day operation and medical treatments, we also seek donations of pet food, gently used pet toys, professional equipment, bedding of all sort, collars and leashes, medicine, space, and so on.

Thank you for considering your help. We also seek sponsors (private and corporate). More about it on a separate page.

Pets for adoption


Happy Faces

Some quotes from happy people

“I did not consider adopting earlier, but seeing video of this beautiful dog we decided to do it for our child. And now we all are happier. I also think it is a Godly thing to do, such help.”


“Thank you to all of you for great help with adopting. I even received some dog food and leash to help me on my first days as a pet owner.”

Ms D.A.

“I looked at three puppies before deciding and you were very helpful with process. I wish I can take them all, but Sparky is very happy with us and grows healthy, leg mending nicely. God bless you and your hard work.”


“I love what ya'll have done for those pets . Its so sad to see how they've suffered. Every time I saw Rally jr in town my heart would always sink because it was in such bad shape. God's guidance and protection for you all in 2021”


“Oh my goodness!!! I started crying when I saw Guinness. I already knew he would be number 1, but his progress is truly amazing!! God bless you guys for what you all are doing. I wish I could adopt a pet . Happy New Year to you all and may Jehovah bless and provide you guys with all the help you need to continue this amazing work. In Jesus name. Amen.”


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