Winner and Runner up of the Animal Rescue Sweepstake

We just announced the winner of our sweepstake. BUT - we were happy to see really BIG response and interest in it. With many more entries than expected and another person being just a hair-line below our winner - we just had to add a "Runner-Up" prize - a single bag of dog food. Several others were also quite close to top - our special thanks to them!

Winner Animal Rescue Sweepstake

And the winner is……. Adrienne from Laudat, Dominica! Congratulations!
We hope you and your dogs are happy with the prize – two HUGE bags of dog food!

Again – thank you to all who tried hard. At the end – it is not just about award, but support of our mission and help to abused animals.

And – you did just that!

Runner Up Animal Rescue Sweepstake

Here is our Runner Up winner: Kenya Fagan. Thank you!
Thank you again to all who got involved. Please REMEMBER: We need your help – consider adoption, donation, or volunteering.

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